STARWEAVE is a narrative game that uses tactical RPG mechanics to tell an allegorical story about constricting roles within a cycle of oppression. Dramatic and bittersweet, you endeavor to make the world just a little bit kinder through your actions.


The realm of Lucid asks another party to take up the mantle of restoring it. Who will light the Beacons and prevent the very fabric of the universe from unraveling?A band of fated teens, of course!Play as Dreamer, the leader of the party, as she and her companions embark on a journey to uphold the roles they were meant to play, the duty they were always meant to oblige.As a turn-based tactical RPG, you'll need to formulate a plan while facing down your opponents. However, the strategy doesn't end at combat analysis. Each of your companions has their own personalities, agendas, and hang-ups about the situation they've found themselves in and the roles they're meant to be filling. They're not always going to just do what they're told. If your battle plan doesn't involve a desire to feel for their circumstances, you might see your perfect strategy fall to pieces.If you're unsure why your team isn't doing what you tell them to, just ask! Between each battle, you'll get an opportunity to get to know each of them and find out how best to incorporate them into your plan while also respecting their unique style.After all, when it comes to coping with an oppressive system and its resultant cycle of pain, a little dose of compassion can go a long way.

About Us

We're a passionate team of students and freelancers, who have connected online. Each of us have been inspired by the message STARWEAVE aims to deliver, and we've been working hard to bring it to life! Despite our work being done almost entirely remotely, we've still managed to become a tight-knit team sharing a common vision.


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